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A digital marketing agency that helps brands like yours. We are not like other agencies, we focus on developing your business strategy as much as we focus on the brand, marketing, and development of your company. We care about you succeeding in a forever-changing world of marketing.

What we do

Where do we start?! We honestly do a little of everything! From marketing to design we cover it all! We have business development as one of our key focuses, when coming into the online market you need an extension on your business plan. How moving from just a storefront into product or service marketing the world online takes on new life, but don’t worry we have you covered!

Business Strategy

We take your plans and goals and formulate a plan with your budget in mind. After creating your plan, we then make manageable goals and succeed in your expectations and more!

Business Development

You have a business plan, but you are ready to expand and monetize off of your product and/or services, we are a think tank of ideas and have the know-how.


The most important part of any business is having an identity that separates you from everyone else. This is our favorite part of what we do, making your ideas a reality!

Graphic Design

Graphics are an important part of branding your business in all markets digital and printed advertising. Creating your business style is what we do best!

Web Development

Our team of developers works closely with the web design team, their job is to ensure everyone’s ideas are possible and within budget. Coding is a passion for implementation.

Web Desgin

We love design work, we do more than just putting up photos and doing basic static websites. We love custom banners and graphics, animation, and active designs.

The Digital World Revolves Around Experiences – How, Where, And When Brands and People Connect. At Revitalize, We Keep Those Experiences Fresh And Relevant Through Strategy, Branding, Design, and Development.

Need a Custom Website

Our design & development team thinks of everything you’ll need and more! We give you what you need and room for expansion!

Need monthly marketing?

We have multiple monthly marketing plans that match what your company needs. Go month to month, or sign on for multiple months and save money!

Need an e-commerce website

When we say we customize everything, we customize everything! Product pages are designed to accommodate your company’s style!

Need event marketing?

Have an event that you need promotional marketing for? We handle online events and in-person. We have you covered no matter how small or large your event is!

Your New Website is just a click away

Want a beautiful website, without spending a fortune? We have many options for just about every budget!

Need Custom Graphics?

We create many custom graphics from social media ads and posting to promotional materials and posters. No monthly contract! Easy purchase and logo setup and you are ready to go!

We Breathe Life Back Into Businesses!

Creating new ideas, revising old techniques, and bringing business to life.

We may be a new business of only a few months, but we have over 15 years of experience and combined experience is well over 30 years! We are not afraid to take on the industry changes and stay ahead of the game. We hire forward-thinking minds and enjoy watching our expansion in such a small amount of time! 


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Let us show you

Why we are different

Every business will lead with “We are different from everyone else because….” Well, we are less about talking about why we are different and more about showing you why we are different! We don’t just do the job we have been hired for, we start at the beginning and go step by step with you. We start with your business above all else, we are honest from the get-go. Every project to us is more than just one moving part, but a starting block to your business success. If your winning, we are winning!

Our Latest Work

See our portfolio for more details on each project by the company. We have many projects for each company we work with, from logo and branding to website and social media campaigns… the possibilities are endless.

OnlineDonations.US Color Update

OnlineDonations.US Color Update

Launch of OnlineDonations.US is an Online Donations platform for groups all around the United States, leaving third-party fundraising a thing of the past! We can’t wait to see their expansion with social media marketing and a new website!

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Some Of Our Skills

What does our day to day routines look like at Revitalize Marketing Group? Here is just a few skills our team does every single day, not just once or twice a month.

As most of us here, at Revitalize Marketing Group, have worked for different agencies throughout our careers, but we have built a business model with career development advancement amongst our employees. We want our staff to know they can move into any department they choose or do a little bit of everything if that is their desire. Here at Revitalize Marketing Group, we take on businesses as a whole, not just one job.

  • Web Development – 100%
  • Web Design – 100%
  • Branding – 85%
  • Marketing – 95%
  • App Development Prototypes – 85%
  • Social Media Marketing – 85%
  • Event Marketing – 70%
  • Business Development – 65%

We go for award winning Designs and nothing less

We strive for award-winning designs and nothing less than just that. From building custom websites that have standout graphics that form your business model to marketing to help sell your service and/or product, we want nothing but the best for our clients. 




Grow Your Social Media

Social media is a crucial engagement channel for both B2B and B2C brands. It’s also opening up the playing field for brands and giving them a chance to interact with their audiences that weren’t available in the past. Standing out on crowded platforms takes tacticsinnovation, and resources. But don’t worry we have you covered!

Learn Marketing Tips

We give online classes, webinars, and monthly marketing blogs on how to cover multiple marketing tips and how to use them to your business’s advantage. We understand not everyone can afford monthly marketing plans and this is a great way to save money and learn!

Schedule Your FREE Marketing Review

We are offering a no-obligation social media review to see how your social media is performing right now and get clear recommended steps to improve it. Your review will include an evaluation of your current social media profiles. We will assess your current activity and review its success on a range of factors, we will then give you some personalized recommendations on how to improve your strategy to make the most of your social media.

Schedule Your FREE Audit Of Your Website

Receive a Free Marketing Review on your website to see how it ranks in search engines. We will also compare your positions to your competitors for your chosen keywords. This free marketing review contains technical details about the construction of your website, detailing any errors which could affect your search engine optimization rankings in Google.

Entrepreneur Program

We take on projects that we feel we can help the most! We have been where you are and sometimes starting a business isn’t cheap, and then adding the expense of marketing and website is just too much of an upfront.

From Our Clients

More coming soon! This is just the beginning for our company and we appreciate all of your feedback, our clients have been a true blessing in just a couple months!

Revitalize Marketing Group has been a lifesaver! I hired them to manage my business social media, they have gained more traction than I could have expected. My business has received revenue and success through our social media plan, and the numbers only continue to grow! I am very pleased with the dedication the team has displayed to continue to improve our presence online. I highly recommend their services! Thank you guys for your continued work! Next is our WEBSITE!


Owner, The Quilt Shack

“Highly recommend any service you choose with Revitalize Marketing Group, their team has been absolutely amazing. I hired them for a logo re-design, we have been in business for a couple of years now and didn’t want a drastic change and they nailed exactly what I had envisioned. I loved working with them and have now hired them for social media marketing and a new custom website. I’m beyond excited!”


Owner, Suds N' The Bucket

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