Out with the old and in with new!

We knew taking on the re-brand that the company has been around for quite sometime, together we decided early on that we didn’t want to change the logo. All the logo needed was a new font and brighter coloration.

Our re-brand for esm!

We kept this a simple re-mix of upgrading their logo. We used brighter coloration from their previous palette, made there logo font solid and bold, we got rid of the gradient within their circular dollar sign, and made their US. more prominent.

OnlineDonation.us Updated Coloration & Font Change

Launch of OnlineDonations.US is an Online Donations platform for groups all around the United States, leaving third-party fundraising a thing of the past! We can’t wait to see their expansion with social media marketing and a new website!


This company is one of the top online fundraising platforms for school sports in the United States. They work with coaches and school program coordinators to raise money for children’s groups all over the country to make sure they have the funding they need. This platform is a wonderful for keeping kids safe from going door to door, programs get to keep up 90% of money raised, sharing links for family far and wide!



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